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Managing a Website April 26, 2011

Posted by Akash in Activity.

Taking the entrepreneurship to start a website, designing it and putting it on the web is one thing. Maintaining the website is other. I have already gone through the first phase quite well but I had little idea then what I might be facing when it comes to maintain it.

Being a naive in web business (though my web business is a non-profitable one – so far), I thought all I would ever need to become successful is a website with good content, submission to couple of search engines and at most a Google Adsense account. So I progressed happily to build my website with real good and useful contents and when I was done, I submitted it to a few search engines and started waiting to see the stream of visitors in my site.

And I waited and waited… but my dream stream of visitors never appeared. So I kind of convinced myself that I must be missing something and started researching what that might be. And I figured out, to my surprise, that it’s not one or two things that I am missing. In fact there are plethora of other factors that I need to consider and actions that I need to take in order to become successful.

There are somethings which I later found out to be very basic although I did not know them before. Take example of advises that you normally get from Google Webmaster Tools. Configuring Robot.txt, submitting XML and RSS sitemaps, 301 redirecting of non-www sites to www sites etc.

And then there are advanced things as well. Gzip your contents, caching contents (Thank God! I used Joomla as my content managment system), minify Java Script and CSS, using CSS image sprite, using content expiration, leveraging browser caching, E-tag and what not.

And what about some even more complex things like use of Content Delivery Network (CDN), DNS caching, sub-domains for mobile browsers and all that? I spent the entire night yesterday until 4:00 AM to create my personal CDN using multiple sub-domains that can render images, scripts, CSS, contents parallel from server to the browser. Still my firebug rating is at 87.

So the list continues.



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