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Steve Jobs – inspiration of my life October 6, 2011

Posted by Akash in Life as it goes.
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I was otherwise living busy days with my busy mind fully engrossed with my future plans, websites and my day to day job- when this morning while coming to office in a taxi cab – I heard the news of Steve Jobs death over the taxi radio.
Like always, this time also Steve caught us unprepared with the news of his death. I think, like many other people in this planet, I was not ready to accept the fact that he is dead. I have never meet or seen him in person, nevertheless, there is no denying of the fact that he is the reason why many of us got into this industry and even care for technology.

To me he is the most innovative and iconic figure I can ever imagine in the field of technology, who not only broke all the status quo of our time but actually reinvented the very way we use technology in the day to day life.

Recently when I actually lost all my interests in technology, it was again due to Steve Jobs and iPhone – I started seeing a new dimension in the human side of technology and regained my interest on how technology can be used for the betterment of lives.

The more I see him, watch his lectures in WWDC keynotes and use the products designed by him, the more I am inspired on to do the technical stuffs that I do. Steve Jobs was a visionary, an entrepreneur and a person who can only be compared to Leonardo De Vinci at best.

I am saddened by his demise and honestly think that it is quite impossible for anyone of our generations to fill this gap.



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