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A Scratch Pad of Mind April 24, 2011

Posted by Akash in General.
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Guess what… I needed a fresh place to off-load those ideas. I could not do it on my existing blog here or in my website here because both of those places are more professional in nature.
My website is a community based website for the data warehousing and business intelligence computer professionals from around the world and currently my site is visited by thousands of people per day. Clearly I could not put my mind’s spurs there. The other blog I have is basically (again) a DW & BI technology centric blog. Not a good place either to release the mind leaks. So I decided to start a new blog afresh.

This time I decided to give WordPress a try. So I am here in business with my own personal blog which I am planning to use as a mind scratch pad – you know what I mean, right? It’s place for me to write down all those flickers of my mind which appears very nonsensical right now but which may prove to be noteworthy or equally nonsensical in the future.